Walk-Ons & Bit-Parts

Walk-Ons & Bit-Parts

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Walk-Ons & Bit-Parts

Sara Lee Stadelman

6 X 9 inches, 208 pages
17 b&w photos

SARA LEE STADELMAN WALKS US THROUGH THE KALEIDOSCOPE of her life: Brooklyn, Broadway, WW II, Vegas, transcending "the mundane realities of who-what-where...." She tells the story on her own terms, touching upon the most intimate and significant moments in her adventure to achieve mastery of creative, artistic, and spiritual freedom.

She made her Broadway debut with Gregory Peck and Karl Malden. The U.S.O. sent her through the North African and Italian campaigns as one of the first actresses to perform full-length plays at the front lines. She was Allied Radio's choice to be their answer to the German's "Sally." Back home, she went west at the invitation of Warner Bros. She met architect Richard R. Stadelman in Las Vegas, married him, and with him raised a family, all the while he was designing Bugsy Seigel's Hotel Flamingo, and she was founding and directing the State of Nevada's first professional Equity theatre, The Bird Cage.

The list of artists she worked with and knew includes Martha Graham, Sanford Meisner, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Thornton Wilder.

"Sara Lee's life and spiritual travels read like stones skipping across water, creating circles within circles of meaning, and touching the depths of her experiences in her continuing quest."

—Dr. Cathey Sanderson-Guy

"The voice is original, passionate, exciting, honest and slightly risqué."
God Uses Ink Award jury

"A work of passion, the writing superb. Stadelman's life could be the book that changes yours."
—Ronnie R. Brown, poet

Walk-Ons & Bit-Parts won the 2001 God Uses Ink Award as Best Book in the historical/biographical category for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.



Sara Lee Stadelman

Author, Artist

On the Broadway stage, Sara Lee Stadelman had principle or lead roles in Sons and Soldiers, Skin of Our Teeth, Boy Meets Girl, Snafu, and You Can't Take It with You. With the Bird Cage Theatre in Las Vegas ... The Heiress, Joan of Lorraine, and The Glass Menagerie. Sara Lee has toured with the United Services Organization (USO), and later with the Moving Word Centre (ChorelogiaTM: "the word moves") that she founded, through the U.S., Mexico, Italy, and Canada. She has travelled to European and North African combat zones. She has written over sixteen stage plays (as well as three screen plays), directed over a dozen and choreographed over two dozen. Her memoir notably touches on how she landed her role in Boy Meets Girl on Broadway, and later conceived the New Canticle igniting on the stage the inner life of the late-nineteenth-century saint—French Carmelite nun, Th�r�se of Lisieux.

She wrote a book of poetry entitled After the Ascension. Myriad other writings—poems, stories, essays—have found their way onto several CBC Radio programs, as well as into newspapers, literary anthologies, and magazines in Canada, the U.S. and England. Now in her eighties and living in Ottawa, Sara Lee is ever embarking into fresh terrain to express her spiritual and artistic vision.

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