Arctic Argonauts

Arctic Argonauts

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Arctic Argonauts

Walter Kenyon
Edited for the press by M.T. Kelly
Picture edited by Robert Stacey

7 X 10 inches, 152 pages

ALL ABOARD! Join the mystical search for the northwest passage from 1576 to 1632. Walter Kenyon starts with the earliest 'explorers'—their names are legend: Frobisher, Davis, Weymouth, Knight, Hudson, Button, Gibbons, Bylot, Baffin, Hawkridge, Munk, Foxe, and James, and provides valuable information about non-exploration matters, such as architecture, diet, clothing, wages, and navigation. He also ponders the prose styles and personalities of the arctic adventurers, whom he refers to as argonauts, and shows us how archeology and history deal with human beings as well as records of time.

M.T. Kelly, who edited the text, and Robert Stacey, who edited the pictures, have significantly contributed to our knowledge of the North.


Walter Andrew Kenyon



In writing about a Neutral Indian Burial Ground, the late Walter Kenyon described it as 'the final act in the most awful of rites of passage—a symbolic bridge across the dark and terrifying abysses of eternity.' In this posthumous book, Arctic Argonauts, the former curator of New World Archeology at the Royal Ontario Museum makes his own symbolic bridge across eternity and sums up a life's fascination with the North.

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