Little Stitch

Little Stitch

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Little Stitch

Written by Margaret Brunel Edwards
Illustrations by J.O. (Judi) Pennanen

 7 X 10 inches, 24 pages

PENNY IS A LIVELY LITTLE GIRL who rides her new bicycle at a ferocious speed down the hill to get home in time for supper. But when she tries to stop, she rolls over, scrapes her knee and cuts her chin. She walks home the rest of the way beside her bicycle. Her mother decides Penny must see a doctor.... The doctor is a good-humoured man who gives her a shot to numb her chin and then stitches her up. The story is told in a gentle, straight-forward way. Penny's parents do not scold her and through it all she learns something new about taking care of herself.


J.O. (Judi) Pennanen


Do I Have To Go To Sleep? is J.O. Pennanen's tenth illustrated book for Penumbra Press. Her illustrations for children's books are often described as whimsical and lyrical, while her artwork
for adult literature is edgy and dark. Having lived in northern Ontario and New
Brunswick, she currently resides in southwestern Ontario.
Judi's art is represented in several major collections, public and private. Her subject matter very often derives from the northland itself, as in North Country Spring, from which she draws on the sights and sounds of "the landscape and its creatures, and the four seasons that create the variety and richness of the places."

Margaret Brunel Edwards


Margaret Brunel Edwards is a freelance writer and mother of five. She has published over 400 stories and articles, many of the them for children. She lives in Ottawa.

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