The Princess Who Laughed in Colours

The Princess Who Laughed in Colours

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The Princess Who Laughed in Colours

Written by Lynn Manuel
Colour artwork by J.O. Pennanen

8 X 10 inches, 24 pages
24 pages of 4-colour process art

WALKING IN A BARREN NORTHLAND after a spell is cast upon her, Princess Winona wanders the land day after day looking for colour to break the monotony of grey and cold. Her despair is soon tempered by the company of strange creatures—whales, frost flies, and white bears. As she befriends the creatures, and they her, the warm breath of her laughter causes a range of beautiful colours to fill the sky and the spell to be broken.


J.O. (Judi) Pennanen


Do I Have To Go To Sleep? is J.O. Pennanen's tenth illustrated book for Penumbra Press. Her illustrations for children's books are often described as whimsical and lyrical, while her artwork
for adult literature is edgy and dark. Having lived in northern Ontario and New
Brunswick, she currently resides in southwestern Ontario.
Judi's art is represented in several major collections, public and private. Her subject matter very often derives from the northland itself, as in North Country Spring, from which she draws on the sights and sounds of "the landscape and its creatures, and the four seasons that create the variety and richness of the places."

Lynn Manuel


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