Collie Rescue

Collie Rescue

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Collie Rescue

Colleen Rutherford Archer
Illustrations by Maguma

6 X 8 inches, 112 pages

"WALKING SANDY AT THE DOG PARK was a real nightmare. Since she had never been allowed to run free, it was her one big aim in life. In the past, Dan had always walked dogs his mother had trained. They heeled beside him when working on command, and then ran and played when given a release signal. When it was time to go, they retuned instantly at the sound of their own names."

Fourteen-year-old Dan Peterson is assigned to look after Sandy, a foster dog from the Collie Rescue League, as part of his summer job at his mother's kennel. The assignment leads to trouble, heartache, and adventure, and a conclusion Dan could never have foreseen.


Colleen Rutherford Archer


Colleen Rutherford archer is a freelance writer from Deep River, Ontario, where she and her husband Andrew own a small horse stable. For ten summers she ran a volunteer therapeutic riding program with her friends. Colleen has published five young adult novels (Foxy and the Missing Mask, Riding High, A Touch of Something Wild, and Collie Rescue with Penumbra Press, and The Horse Dealer with Borealis Press), a novella, and hundreds of articles and short stories for newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. In 1984 she was the winner of the Vicky Metcalf Award for her writing for young people. Colleen has two daughters, Elizabeth and Heather, and two granddaughters, Bridget and Alison.

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Maria Gomez Umaña


Maria Gomez Umaña (maguma) is an artist who loves to paint and draw. The job she has most enjoyed has been to teach art to children and to watch them imagine and create. She has taught and illustrated children’s books and magazines in Bogota, Colombia, and in Ottawa, where she lives with her family. Maguma studied art at Concordia University, and completed an MFA at Northumbria University, England. She has a diploma in Multimedia Creation from Universidad de los Andes, Bogota.

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