Killing the Shamen

Killing the Shamen

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Killing the Shamen

Thomas Fiddler and James R. Stevens

6 X 9 inches, 222 pages
30 b&w archival photographs

Cree Legends of Sandy Lake, No. 2

CHARGED WITH MURDER was old Jack Fiddler, a shaman and leader of the Sucker clan from the upper Severn river in what is now northwestern Ontario. Joseph Fiddler, Jack's younger brother, was also charged. Their alleged crime was the killing of a possessed woman who had turned into the dreaded windigo.

One of the most unusual cases in the history of Canadian jurispudence commenced in Norway House, Manitoba, in the fall of 1907. Killing the Shamen is the true and fascinating account of the events that lead up to the "murder," the trial, and the aftermath. The present work is one volume in a trilogy of Sandy Lake stories, including Sacred Legends and Legends from the Forest.


James R. Stevens


Originally from St. Marys, Ontario, James R. Stevens has co-authored several books with First Nations holymen and leaders, including James Redsky, Chief Dan Kennedy, and Chief Thomas Fiddler. A counselor at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Stevens is perhaps best known for one of his earlier books Sacred Legends of the Sandy Lake Cree.

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