Tom Thomson And Other Poems

Tom Thomson And Other Poems

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Tom Thomson And Other Poems

George Whipple

6 X 9 inches, 144 pages

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 50

MULTI-FACETED AND SPARKLING with vitality and wit, these poems celebrate the joy of existence—a personal vision of Nature, art, and the transcendent spirit. George Whipple's poetry has been widely praised by critics and fellow poets. Readers and listeners delight in his tributes to various artists and writers. Tom Thomson And Other Poems is a collection of his best along with nineteen new poems.

"A poetry of noble statement, deeply moving, relevant and superbly formed as art."

—Louis Dudek, The Globe and Mail

As Beethoven paints
the most ethereal of pictures,
and Vermeer the least shadowy
of poems, poems move somewhere
between the two, less obvious
than painting, more
observant than music
as dreams are
the residue of heaven or of hell
neither insulting the cynic with dogma
nor betraying belief with reason.

And so I admire
the skill of the Eskimo
balancing rock on rock
with no other mortar
than gravity
to create a Stone-Man out of chaos,
as poets balance sound on sound
in the cave of the subconscious,
building a vision out of echoes
as shadows follow time
across the face of a city.


George Whipple


George Whipple was born in Saint John, NB, grew up in Toronto, and now lives and writes in Burnaby, BC. A member of the League of Canadian Poets, he has been profiled in Canadian Author, Poet's Market and is listed in Contemporary Authors, and the Literary Guide to Toronto.


Tom Thomson



To find out more about the icon check out his "Life Story" at the following link:
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