Braille on water

Braille on water

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braille on water

Kim Fahner

6 X 9 inches, 96 pages

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 51

MYTHIC YET STEEPED IN THE PRESENT, these poems wake us up to the sensual continuum of which we are a part. From the intimate to the cosmological. Despite Fahner's breadth of vision and mythic references, she never over-reaches. Her reach is within. These are the kind of poems that can give you goose bumps.

"Kim Fahner writes with a visual and tactile power sensitive to the interminglings of myth, supernatural, and natural in the emotional, physical and mental scenes of everyday living. She has a deft awareness of the ironies that populate our lives, and helps us appreciate their poignancy, and their humour...."

—Laurence Steven

"Fahner's personal lyrics are very slickly written in smoothly flowing lines that speak of longing and loss and angels, subjects that the modernists more or less banished from the field. They were rebelling more against cliches than against the subjects themselves; Fahner's poems are anything but cliched. Absence pervades her poems.... Fahner's work deserves a wide audience."
—Don Precosky

no words do justice
to this new distance
that stretches between us.

like an elastic
about to break,
there is tension
written out illegibly
in the pointillism
of braille on water.

you are blind to me
or perhaps
you only choose
to turn a blind eye.

on this day's morning,
trees grow green and
hydrangea blooms brush,
but i sit still—
not moving,
for fear of losing you
to the darkness
within and beyond
this weakened heart.

watching your words
ripple and run away,
cresting on some other
foreign shore.

braille on water



Kim Fahner


An associate member of the League of Canadian Poets, Kim Fahner lives and writes in Sudbury. Shortlisted for the Canadian Authors' Association Air Canada Award for most promising Canadian writer under 30, Kim has also studied with Timothy Findley through the Humber School for Writers. In addition to a chapbook with Your Scrivener Press, she has published in several Canadian journals and anthologies, and is a co-founder of a poetry journal called ... like lemmings ... (poetry over the edge). braille on water is her first full-length poetry publication.

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