Grey Owl's Favorite Wilderness Revisited

Grey Owl's Favorite Wilderness Revisited

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Grey Owl's Favorite Wilderness Revisited

Allison Mitcham
Drawings and photographs by Peter Mitcham

6 X 8 inches, 104 pages
21 b&w photographs, 5 maps and drawings

MANY CHANGES HAVE TAKEN PLACE since Allison Mitcham's first study of Grey Owl (Archie Belaney) in 1981. She gave us the behind-the-scenes introduction to both the man and the mystical landsape he claimed as having pulled him away from trapping and hunting toward a lifestyle of conservation and environmental consciousness. In Grey Owls's Favorite Wilderness Revisited, Allison Mitcham takes into account the effect of some of the political changes in the intervening decade—revisiting Temagami and Biscotasing in the summer of 1991 with two new chapters, and updating and revising the previous seven chapters. We also have Peter Mitcham's new photographs and drawings to supplement the new text.

Allison Mitcham


Grey Owl (Archie Belaney)



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