One of the Many Stories about the King

One of the Many Stories about the King

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One of the Many Stories about the King

Written by Paula FitzGerald
Mixed media drawings by Debra Hanson

9 X 12 inches, 32 pages

INSPIRED BY THE WORLD-RENOWNED PLASTIC SURGEON, Mario Gonzalez-Ulloa, who originally wrote the story of King Rigel, the present version is adapted and written by Paula FitzGerald.

One of the Many Stories About the King is a melodic longpoem about turning earthly riches into paradisal happiness. A beautiful tale of faith and love, it is at the same time a story of mythic longing. Rigel, a king who has everything and wants for nothing, embarks on a search for the meaning of legends, which is here represented by an angel who appears to Rigel at first fancifully and at last in the full realization of all that is immortal.

Paula FitzGerald


Paula FitzGerald is a poet, playwright, freelance writer, composer, actress, and teacher of drama and voice.

Debra Hanson


Debra Hanson has been Head of Design at the Stratford Festival Theatre. Her Stratford production design credits include Romeo and Juliet, Henry VIII, Hamlet, MacBeth, The Shoe-Maker's Holiday, As You Like It and The Taming of the Shrew. She is a graduate of Dalhousie University and the National Theatre School of Canada.

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