The Invisible Man / L'Homme Invisible

The Invisible Man / L'Homme Invisible

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The Invisible Man / L'Homme Invisible

Patrice Desbiens
A Word of Introduction by Robert Dickson

6 X 9 inches, 64 pages

'LIKE HIS CHARACTER THE INVISIBLE MAN, Patrice Desbiens grew up in Timmins Ontario, more or less in two languages. That these languages are different, and cannot be translated as from algebra to geometry, can be especially appreciated by those who are able to read all the pages of this book: there is, after all, just one story here, but different things happen within each linguistic structure, different cultural reference points are established, so that this simple tale reveals an intimate knowledge of "the North American experience" north of the 49th.... From Timmins to Quebec, via Toronto, Rimbaud and Baudelaire, Johnny Cash and Carole King, Jimi Hendrix and Jesus do some serious resource extraction numbers on this invisible man.'

—from A Word of Introduction by Robert Dickson

L'homme invisible a tellement besoin
de la chaleur de Katerine ...
... Il a besoin d'une femme. Il a besoin
d'un pays. Les deux le laissent tomber.'


'The invisible man had a woman.
Now he can't even remember her name.
The invisible man had a country.
Now he can't even remember its name.'



Patrice Desbiens


The invisible man was born in Timmins, Ontario.

He is French-Canadian.

L'homme invisible est Timmins, Ontario.
Il est Franco-Ontarien.

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