The Lonely Seagull

The Lonely Seagull

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The Lonely Seagull

Written by Rick Book
Water colours by Marie Stewart

8 X 8 inches, 30 pages

THIS IS A STORY ABOUT STORYTELLING. It is about one father and son and their bedtime ritual. It is a tale inspired by a wooden mobile seagull that comes to life over the Atlantic Ocean and discovers a genie in a bottle. It begins as a story about loneliness, but it's really about friends and the happy endings that companionship brings. Perhaps, too, it is a tale that will inspire a family story of your own.


Marie Stewart


Marie Stewart was born and educated in Peterborough, Ontario. Living in northern Ontario since 1970, primarily in Kapuskasing and North Bay, she has taught painting through Northern College, Candore College, and the Kapuskasing Board of Education. She now paints full-time, usually in water colour, in a style she calls Impressionistic Realism. Her main subjects are the people and landscapes of the north.

Rick Book


Rick Book is a professional voice actor in Toronto.

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