Words For My Weeping Daughter

Words For My Weeping Daughter

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Words For My Weeping Daughter

Dorothy Alicia Farmiloe
Illustrations by Peter Schwarz

6 X 9 inches, 48 pages

THESE HIGHLY EMOTIONAL, INTER-RELATED POEMS (including the nine part "Letter to Linda") question death's abrupt intrusion into a family's tranquility. The northern scape, always dominant and rarely impersonal, becomes a powerful metaphor through which her themes are explored.

This is Dorothy Farmiloe's eighth volume of poetry.


Dorothy Alicia Farmiloe


Peter Schwarz


Peter Schwarz lived and worked as a full-time artist in Grafton, Ontario. His bold-stroked paintings, pastels, and prints have graced the covers and interiors of numerous Penumbra Press books. His work embraces the human range from agony to ecstasy and inspires with its resilience.

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