Anywhere Stories

Anywhere Stories

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Anywhere Stories

Leo Sawicki
Colour artwork by Leo (Sweet Pea) Neilson

6 X 9 inches, 80 pages

BY THE AUTHOR OF THE VERY SUCCESSFUL Anytime Stories, this new collection of short stories is drawn from many tribes, customs and ceremonies of the North American indian. The purpose of these stories is to heighten our consciousness of how they are told; to do this Leo Sawicki shows us their origins, their applications, and how audiences might relate to them.

The stories also provide us with objects of symbolism to ignite our imaginations, including an origami orb, a mystic warrior's shield, papier-mâché masks of endangered species, a medicine wheel, reports and observations on plants, and our relationship with the Earth.

Leo Sawicki


Leo Sawicki has lived in northern Manitoba for 14 years. Her wide range of experience makes this book an important addition to primary educational material both for and about Native children.

Leo (Sweet Pea) Neilson


The illustrator Leo Neilson hails from the Winnipeg area, from the Golden Gates of St. Peter's Reserve, where he is known as "Sweet Pea."

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