All that once was will be again

All that once was will be again

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All that once was will be again
An Iroquois Story

Alex Mogelon
Illustrations by Ronna Mogelon

6 X 9 inches, 72 pages
B&W illustrations

AN IROQUOIS COMMUNITY BUSILY PREPARES for the long, harsh winter. A young woman, stifled by domestic life, quietly yearns for more. In search of freedom, she flees the longhouse only to encounter a group of enemy warriors planning an attack.

Her brother, Gaheska, a gifted but reckless young man, sets out to warn the hunters of the settlement's dire fate. But his forest journey is soon beset by obstacles both physical and spiritual. Gripped by terrifying, masked visions, the impatient Gaheska discovers that he still has much to learn — about his people, his culture, and himself.

In this book-length adaptation of a traditional Iroquois story, Alex Mogelon skillfully weaves between Iroquois and Western traditions. The result is a tale of self-discovery that re-examines the timeless negotiation between an individual's desires and a community's demands.

Alex Mogelon


Alex Mogelon (1925-2000) was an artist, educator, filmmaker, and author. He wrote widely on subjects such as Native and Folk art, Canadian realism, art technique, Jewish life, and Iroquois culture. He authored over a dozen books including The People of Many Faces, a sustained engagement with the myths, masks, and ceremonies of the Iroquois people. Mogelon was the former national director of the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University and, together with his wife Lila, the creative spirit of Studio Snowdon.

Ronna Mogelon


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