Penny Rose Interview

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Having been part of the Yellow Door Coffeehouse phenomenon in Montreal in the 1960s, Penny Rose moved to Morin Heights with musician friends in the 1970s and became the proprietor of Roses Cantina, and thereafter the host of her own house concerts. In 1983 Penny was one of the founding members of Theatre Morin Heights. She volunteered as Producer and served as Director for a couple of years and continued to help out when needed. After the original TMH folded, she once again became a Founding Director of the new Theatre Morin Heights and was President for 15 years. In that capacity, she was able to explore many facets of theatre: directing, set design, acting, the whole gambit. Penny then joined Théâtre La Belle Gang, which presents fun and educational theatre concerning seniors. She also serves on the board of Festival SuperFolk. A true impresario, Penny has been a mainstay in the cultural scene of Morin Heights for five decades, even producing a CD of music by Wade Hemsworth (The Songs of Wade Hemsworth, 1995). 


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