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The past year has been a productive period for Penumbra Press. Having garnered twenty citations (including four first-place awards) for the video animation of The Story of the “I’m Alone,” we have also conducted interviews with all of the principals involved with the production. Now, we are offering to share these in-depth glimpses with our followers and viewers.

Each week for the next two months we will add a new interview to the series. All of the interviews will remain available for you to access as we share more and more about the making of The Story of the “I’m Alone,” its composer (Wade Hemsworth), and its original illustrator (Peter Whalley).

You will hear from Peter Weldon, Jane McGarrigle, Elizabeth Whalley, Wade Hemsworth, Hugh Verrier, Penny Rose, Allison Wolvers, and learn about their roles in the project, and how the Hemsworth & Whalley team came together to inspire us to make the video.

Here then is the first interview. Please welcome Peter Weldon, who not only serves as one of the video’s executive producers but he is also a member of the Montreal group backing up Wade on vocals and instrumentation, the Mountain City Four.

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