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Having written about the idea of “Readerity” in Then & Now: On the Celebration of First Books … & Writing About, I was invited by Dan and Marlene MacDonald, the proprietors of Bookmark in Charlottetown and Halifax, to develop an annual series to be known as Bookmark Readerity Series: Readers & Writers on Books & Reading. We launched the series in the downtown libraries of both cities in early November. Copies of the booklets are available at no cost at both Bookmark locations while supply lasts.


Drop in at Bookmark in Charlottetown or Halifax for your free copies of Readerity … 

  • Volume 1, Then & Now: On the Celebration of First Books … & Writing About It,by John Flood;
  • Volume 2,“They were ours! and now they are gone": Rereading J.M. Barrie’sPeter and Wendy, by Alexander MacLeod;
  • Volume 3: A Child with a Book in a Tree, by Sheree Fitch;
  • Volume 4: Indigo Bunting in a Date Palm: Stepping-stone Books, by Deirdre Kessler.


Deirdre Kessler, Alexander MacLeod, Sheree Fitch, John Flood


”°The kindling snaps; the logs wheeze then ignite. The fire susurrates with stories. There are many whispers. Ghosts and presences all greedy to be heard.”±

- Sheree Fitch


”°How did I think I could write about books and childhood and not be overwhelmed? How could I not see this would be the whole story of my life flashing fast-forward: books and memories, technicolour images tumbling in with every book from childhood, with every character from every book, with every syllable of every word, with every classroom where i uttered a sound and book covers opened up like our bookshop door hinges, letting in all those people, letting out all those ghosts.”±

- Sheree Fitch

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