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If you have been following the saga in our production of the animated video, “The Story of the I’m Alone,” you will know it has garnered over twenty film festival awards, four of them first-place. Encouraged by that success, we decided to take on another similar project by singer/songwriter Wade Hemsworth and cartoonist Peter Whalley. “Remember Moose Mountain” is an animated video based on a tune by that title with vocals and acoustic guitar by Wade Hemsworth and bass by Peter Weldon, and on drawings once again by Peter Whalley, the same illustrator who provided the original storyboard for the “I’m Alone” video.

Starting with six black & white line drawings by Whalley, Allison Wolvers again uses her digital illustration magic not only to create but to render the story about big business pitted against pastoral living in a visually appealing manner that remains true to the Hemsworth’s social commentary and to Whalley’s humourously ironic treatment.

The two drawings reproduced here are from a visual Tribute in poster form that Peter gave Wade on December 26, 1998, in acknowledgement of Wade’s contribution to traditional Canadian music. 
This short clip from Allison’s work hints at what to expect when the animation is finished later this year.…

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